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June, 06 2023
Press Release
Revenues up 20% in 2022 to €672.5 million, with adjusted pro-forma EBITDA up 20%. The growth trend remains in the first quarter of 2023: revenues of €153 million, up 31% compared to the first quarter of 2022 .
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FIS is the CDMO leader in Europe for small molecule APIs & Intermediates

When you envision FIS, you will see a reliable, long-term partner with an integrated contract manufacturing organization able to manage small-molecule APIs and Intermediates projects from Development to Commercial production.

With our quality management system, R&D capabilities, and production technology platform, FIS represents your partner of choice for building a solid business relationship.


Contract Development

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Contract Manufacturing 

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Generic API
Development & Manufacturing

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Contract Develop. & Manufact.
for Veterinary business

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Services for Sterilization, Micronization, Lyophilization, Spray Drying

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It’s a complex business: let us simplify it.
Agile and pragmatic, quickly adapting to changing needs.
Reliable in guaranteeing compliance with industry and environmental standards.
Excellent Quality Management System track record.
Capable and competent in finding new solutions.
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FIS is authorized by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) and the Italian Ministry of Health to produce more than 100 APIs of various therapeutic classes, for anticancer treatments, steroids, psychotropics and non-beta lactam antibiotics, as well as APIs for veterinary use.   Production takes place in dedicated or segregated plants or on multi-purpose lines, depending on product category.   FIS’ Montecchio facility was also authorized in 2016 to produce semi-finished pharmaceutical product batches with Spray Dry technology.

Customer's audit per year
Quality System
We believe in young people: we have gained 431 under 30s in the last 5 years, representing 30% of our personnel today.
The number of female personnel has been on the increase since 2013. In a historically male-dominated sector, we are committed to actively promoting the employment of women.
We recruit with the aim to create long-term employment relationships based on constant professional growth.
Over the last three years, investments targeting the protection of the environment have grown from 15.94 to 23.05 million Euros per year.
Tons of greenhouse gases are saved every year thanks to the operation of our new cogeneration plant.
FIS is not just a company, it is something more: a large family with a long-term vision that has chosen to invest in people.

Our excellence and growth go hand in hand with those of our employees; people who are encouraged to express their full potential across all roles and responsibilities.  Today, we are a company of over 1,750 highly specialized personnel carrying out innovative and challenging projects every day: 250 involved in research and development, 420 graduates, 320 scientists, 70 engineers, of which 50 chemical engineers.

FIS: Making Business Sustainable
Responsibility over duty
Our results and reputation have been achieved through a consistent, concrete, sustainable and gradual development that has led the company to where it is today.

Sustainability is a guiding principle in our activities, and fundamental for our contribution to sustainable development to the benefit of the company, its employees and the local community.

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Italian by birth,
international by vocation.

FIS is part of the Nine Trees Group, a holding of the Ferrari Family, also including Delmar (CA), FIS North America (USA), PHF (CH), China Office (RPC) and Anemocyte (IT). The core business of the Group companies is the production of active and intermediate ingredients for the global pharmaceutical industry. The different companies share consolidated and consistently practiced values, such as agility, stability, discretion, closeness to local communities and a responsible entrepreneurial vision, today and for the future.

Delmar (Canada) is a strategic facility approved by FDA for the production of active ingredients. Approfondisci
Formulation development and manufacture of finished pharmaceutical products, under its own brand and for third parties. Approfondisci
Biotech company dedicated to the development and production of innovative biological drugs. Approfondisci
A young, innovative company with a variety of skills that allow it to focus on materials science, biotechnology, microbiology and cultural heritage products. Approfondisci
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